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Items where Series is "Interbull bulletin" Up a level Export as ASCII Citation BibTeX Dublin Core Dublin Core EP3 XML EndNote Eprints Application Profile HTML Citation JSON METS Multiline CSV Multiline Excel Object IDs OpenURL ContextObject RDF+N-Triples RDF+N3 RDF+XML RDF+XML (VOA3R) Refer Reference Manager URN:NBN XML VOA3R Application Profile VOA3R level 4 dumbed down model Application The Interbull Centre is a section of the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics (HGEN) of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and acts as the operational unit for Interbull and Interbeef, a permanent subcommittee and a working group of the International Committe for Animal Recording (ICAR), respectively.Moreover, the Interbull Centre holds since 1996 the status of This section is dedicated to the events organized by Interbull and to the Interbull publications. You can find out details about our annual meetings and technical workshops, both past and future. It is also a rich source of scientific and technical articles published mainly on the Interbull Bulletin. Enjoy! Interbull bulletin. Interbull bulletin [Elektronisk resurs] Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet.

Interbull bulletin

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National Genetic Evaluations Info - Interbull Centre NATIONAL GENETIC EVALUATION FORMS PROVIDED BY COUNTRIES National GE Forms are updated after each routine run for the countries providing new forms. Click on the breed code to download the respective GE form. Interbull Annual Meeting Proceedings. Interbull Bulletin 37:33-36. Interpretive Summary: New tools let scientists measure how related individuals are by examining pedigrees, finding out the amount of DNA that individuals have in common, comparing their outward characteristics, or a combination of all those methods.

Interbull Bulletin, 50-57, 2019. 2, 2019.

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Interbull Centre Reports. In 2018, the Interbull Centre Team wrote a detailed report on Interbull Centre and its activities, which was published as Interbull Bulletin Issue 52.

Interbull bulletin

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Interbull bulletin

note = "Interbull Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2-4 June 2005 ; Conference date: 02-06-2005 Through 04-06-2005", Mulder, HA , Veerkamp, RF & Bijma, P 2005, Optimizing Dairy Cattle Breeding Programs using International Genetic Evaluations . in Proceedings Interbull Meeting 2005, Uppsala,Sweden,June 2-4,Interbull Bulletin 33. pp. 115-118, Interbull Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2-4 June 2005, 2/06/05 .

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Interbull bulletin

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Webbplats Interbull Bulletin (Journal) Author(s) Groen, Ab: Source: Interbull Bulletin (1996). Department(s) Animal Breeding and Genomics: Publication type: Journal (Editor or Referee) Publication year: 1996: Comments The 37th ICAR biennial session 31 May – 4 June 2010, Riga, Latvia; Interbull – EAAP session at the 60th EAAP annual meeting – “Impact of global market on cattle breeding programs and practices; ICAR – FAO – EAAP Symposium at the 60th EAAP annual meeting – “ Advances and use of electronic identification”; Interbull meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 21-24 august 2009; Interbull Interbull Bulletin 40: 202-206.
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