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Freshline BC 7045, BC 7046, BR 7948, BR 7952, BR 7956, BR 7960, BR 7961, BR. 7962, BR 9680  SCRUBTEC R 371 BC UK. Batteridriven, kompakt och lättmanövrerad åkbar kombiskurmaskin. Denna kombiskurmaskin är utvecklad i sedvanligt hög kvalitet  Female anthropomorphic figurine; Ceramic; Period: Late Preclassic period, 500 BC-200 AD artifacts and tribal art from the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. 6,000 year old goddess figure from Turkey. mesolithic arkeologisk plats lepen whirl, mellan 9500/7200-6000 bc - mesolithic bildbanksfoton och bilder · Archaeologists Northwestern Europe. 12200 BC. The triple spiral motif is a Neolithic symbol in Western Europe.

Europe 6000 bc

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Military. The steppes connecting Europe to Asia are the highway for invasions of nomadic people, such as Scythians, Huns, and Mongols. So Europe is constantly in turmoil. Burial practices change.

6500–6000 BC This phase, starting 7000 years ago was marked by the consolidation of the Neolithic expansion towards western and northern Europe but also by the rise of a new culture that probably violently occupied most of the Balkans, substituting or subjugating the first Neolithic settlers. By 6000 BC even the marshes had largely gone, drowned by the sea.

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Europe 6000 bc

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Europe 6000 bc


Professor Ian Morris Hunters, fishers and farmers of Eastern Europe, 6000-3000 B.C Item Preview > Mindray CAL 6000 defines a new generation of cellular analysis line. By combining BC-6000 or BC-6200 auto hematology analyzers and SC-120 Slide Maker & Stainer, CAL 6000 offers flexible configurations which have throughput of up to 220 tests per hour and 120 slides per hour.
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Europe 6000 bc


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