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formal and substantive formulation of legal Legal Certainty and Predictability at Common Law (La Securite Juridique en Common Law) SECURITE JURIDIQUE ET DROIT ECONOMIQUE, L. Boy, Fr. Siriainen, & J-B. Racine, eds., De Boeck/Larcier, Belgium, pp. 85-133, 2008 The theme is a translation of a previous work written in French on the French concept of "securite juridique" as viewed in the Common Law world Keywords: Legal systems, comparative law, predictability, certainty The literal and anti-literal interpretation of case law can in turn be linked to the interpretation of the principle of legal certainty, namely to the requirements of predictability and acceptability. The principle of legal certainty entails a relative certainty of the law in terms of predictability for those subjected to the law to foresee the applicable law to their actions. As a consequence, the principle of legitimate expectations can be therefore said to be the ‘predictability aspect’ of the principle of legal certainty (Raitio 2003 : 200). certainty and predictability of the law. Certainty and predictability in law is especially important when laws affect individual rights and freedoms.

Legal certainty and predictability

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Providing cost certainty and predictability A Calgary-based client facing unstable market conditions in the oil and gas industry needed a way to create better cost controls and budget transparency for their legal projects without reducing the scope of their mandate or impacting their day-to-day deliverables. The phrase “the Rule of Law” has to be distinguished from the phrase “a rule of law”. The latter phrase is used to designate some particular legal rule like the rule against perpetuities or the rule that says we have to file our taxes by a certain date. This assumption of consistency and predictability through judicial precedent allows the law to exude a sense of certainty, fairness and by extension some amount of flexibility; but the question is, how can something which is consistent and predictable to such a degree that it is considered certain exhibit flexibility?

This produces one kind of very strong predictability in the law. Rules and Principles: A Theory of Legal Certainty 59 predictable by features of power in society  The principle of legal certainty embraced in the Law No.25 of 2007, the element of minimum certainty contains elements of predictability, because it greatly.

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Legal certainty and predictability

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Legal certainty and predictability

In the civil law tradition, legal certainty is defined in terms of maximum predictability of officials' behaviour. IntroductionWhat is EU legal certainty? Legal certainty calls for a choosing the right legal rules to a factual situation that is predictable. 1 Predictability is the aim-the terminal object-of the principle of legal certainty (Hartley 2010: 146). Predictability is a notion that overlaps the different dimensions of this principle.

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Legal certainty and predictability

However, predictability is not the only component of justice. There is fairness, equity, public policy and efficiency, just to name a few. Unfortunately, what the author of this blog is describing as “predictability” is not the application of the law to a specific set of facts which yields a consistent and repeatable result. It is now more important than ever for the Commission to ensure legal certainty, both in rulemaking and in enforcement. Through focusing on clear, transparent, and predictable rules of enforcement, the Commission has a unique opportunity to serve as a beacon for other agencies and increase the overall fairness and predictability of the global market system.

595 3. principle of certainty of law as a formal 7.
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the principle of legal certainty as a fundamental element of the formal concept of the rule of law marzena kordela* 1. formal and substantive formulation of legal principles. distinguishing criteria . .